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Calibration Wind Tunnel (100mm outlet)


Calibration wind tunnels are essential for many fields that use anemometers in order to calculate accurate wind speed. With a portable size that fits on top of an average desk, this calibration wind tunnel is surrounded by a general-purpose grooved frame. This frame works as a handle and protective shield, and it can also be used as a fixture for addtional gear or a flow channel. Custom addons such as holding brackets and flow diverters are available upon request.


  • ModelCalibration Wind Tunnel
  • VersionCWT100
  • Wind Speed7-23m/s(25-82km/h)
  • Distribution*1Under ±1 %
  • Fluctuation*2Under 1 %
  • Outlet SizeW 100 × H 100 [mm]
  • Unit SizeL 1700 × W 450 × H 600 [mm]
  • Fan Power300 W
  • Max Sound Level*395 dB(A)
  • Weight50 kg
  • Power SupplySingle Phase 100V 50/60Hz

1 Within 90% outlet area, compared to wind speed at fan center 10mm downstream at max fan power

2 Wind speed coefficient of variation measured at fan center 10mm downstream from outlet

3 Measured 50cm upstream from fan

Product Detail

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