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Aero Optim


With a square cross-section that is 70 centimeters per side, this compact, stackable unit is a complete wind tunnel containing a fan, diffuser, and flow straightener. The flow area can be customized in 70 cm increments. Caster jacks on the bottom make the unit portable for intermittent use.


  • Model nameAero Optim 2020J
  • Wind speed1~15 m/s (3.6~54 km/h)
  • Wind speed distributionWithin ±8% per unit¹
  • Wind speed fluctuationWithin 1% per unit²
  • Exit area630 width x 630 height [mm]
  • Unit size1470 length x 686 width x 683 height [mm]
  • Fan7.5 kW IPM motor axial fan
  • Noise105 dB¹
  • Weight160 kg
  • Power3 phase 200 VAC 50/60 Hz

¹At rated fan speed: 2500 rpm
²Measured by dividing average wind speed from standard deviation at the outlet center

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Product Detail

Sample combination with the bicycle measuring table

Connectable in all four directions