We Specialize in fluid engineering, especially “Compact wind tunnel technology”, “Wind tunnel measurement technology” and “Wind generation technology”.

Compact Wind Tunnel Technology

We manufacture the worlds most compact wind tunnels, only 1~2 meters long. Our goal is to make wind tunnels much more easier to install, using our technology to make compact wind tunnels. Our main technology is straightening and stabilizing the airflow in short distance. Usually, wind tunnels lose their performance when the flow channel is extremely short. Therefore, wind tunnels are designed to be as long as possible. Unlike standard wind tunnels, we went trough all existing design methods and redesigned our wind tunnel to be as efficient as possible, using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and other new technics in the flow straightening devices.
Our techniques to make compact wind tunnel are also utilized in the development of our Wind turbines mentioned above.

Wind Tunnel Measurement Technology

Making the wind tunnel compact means that the measuring devices are also needed to be smaller and more accurate. We develop and manufacture new types of measuring devices that are smaller and tougher than existing products.
Also, we are a company that is few even in the world having lineups of measurement stages specifically designed for bicycles, tricycles and other sports uses . Wind tunnel measurement stages for sports uses needs to be tough enough to bear 120~200kg load and impact, as well as being accurate enough to sense the deference between different clothing materials, different shaped equipment etc. Our measurement stages use a unique floating support method to meet these requirements.
In existing products, measuring moving objects is very difficult, such as a bicycle with a rider pedaling. Our sports use measurement stages have a unique system “MCS”(Movement Correction System) installed in the measuring software. “MCS” is a filtering system to cut out cyclic movement errors and make it easy for the observer to see the main results like air resistance.

Wind Generation Technology

We, JAPAN WIND TUNNEL MANUFACTURING Inc., develop and manufacture Tandem Rotor Wind Turbines and other peripheral equipment. They are known to be one of the most difficult type of wind turbines. The benefits of them are the High efficiency and comparatively low installation costs. Since they have 2 sets of rotors, the generation efficiency is very high (around 2 times more efficient than normal wind turbines), while one set of turbines needs only 1 tower. Therefore the installation costs are lower (around 1-1.5 times more expensive to install than normal wind turbines).
The most difficult technology in developing Tandem Rotor Wind Turbines is the power transmission from the blades to the generator. Since the front rotor receives more energy compared to the rear rotor due to absorption of wind energy, the front rotor rotates at a higher rotation speed than rear. That is why making the power transmission system with characteristic shape, higher efficiency and lower cost becomes very difficult. To solve this problem, deep knowledge and experience are needed. For more than 40 years, many researches has been tried to solve this problem, although no successful examples exist in the past. We achieved to develop a transmission device for Tandem rotor Wind turbines that fulfills all requirements using a unique differential mechanism (patent pending), making us able to release the worlds first commercially available Tandem rotor Wind turbine.
Also, we manufacture the worlds first full automatic retractable tower for wind turbines and other uses. Our collapsible tower is a automated system that retracts when the wind is dangerously high. The system can be used on high wind sites e.g. high buildings, mountainous areas, remote islands or at sea. It would ensure 100% safety 24h 365days all around the year without any manual labor. Also, the system can be remotely controlled and monitored online.
We develop and manufacture many other types of wind turbines and towers that matches our customers needs.

Left photo: Installation of a 1kW Wind turbine (normal type)
Middle and Right photo: Our 1kW Tandem rotor Wind turbine

Rapid Prototyping

In our factory, we have all equipment needed for manufacturing wind tunnels like NC milling machines, welding equipment and paint booths. We usually outsource mass production and use our own factory for custom-made parts and prototyping. We can prototype any kinsd of parts needed for wind tunnel tests in a short time.
Please feel free to ask us anything about wind tunnels and wind turbines, fans etc. We are happy to make any prototypes or modifications, custom parts with our products.