Tandem Rotor Wind Turbine Jfi-1000 (1kw)

This is the world's first commercially available Tandem rotor Wind turbine with 2 sets of rotors. The benefit of a Tandem rotor Wind turbine is the High efficiency and comparatively low installation costs. Having 2 sets of rotors, the generation efficiency is very high (around 2 times more efficient than normal wind turbines), while it needs only 1 tower. Therefore its installation cost (around 1-1.5 times more expensive to install than normal wind turbines) is very low.

※The price above doesn't include the price of the tower, battery system, postage, and construction costs. Please contact us for more information and Quotations.


Model JFI-1000
Rated Output 1kW (Gross generation equal to 1.5kW models)
Rotor Diameter 2.2 m
Output Voltage 48V or 24V
Cut-In Wind Speed 1.5 m/s
Rated Wind Speed 10 m /s
Type Down wind
Tandem rotor with differential
Safety Device Electromagnetic brake


This photo shows our Tandem rotor Wind turbine (1kW) installed on our Retractable tower system. This is a part of the internal mechanism in our Tandem rotor Wind turbine. The Tandem rotor Wind turbine has a Differential mechanism to combine the two different rotation speed power from the front and rear rotor. The same kind of mechanism is used in most automobiles.

Usage Examples

Our Tandem Rotor Wind Turbine (1kW) at Hara School of Nursing (Fukuoka, Japan). There are two sets of Tandem Rotor Wind Turbine (1kW) installed at Hara School of Nursing (Fukuoka, Japan). Tandem Rotor Wind Turbines (1kW) at our wind turbine test field at Fukuoka headquarters (Fukuoka, Japan). We have two concrete towers and a retractable tower for performance and endurance tests. The concrete tower is 10m high. *The nose cone and the cover is removed for an endurance test against dust. This photo shows our mechanics changing the wind turbine using a bucket truck.