Aero Optim Series  Wheelchair/Tricycle Measuring Table

This measuring table is designed to measure air resistance (default is 1 axis) for Wheelchair or Tricycle. It can measure the air resistance with a rider pedaling. The measurement axis can be added by selecting the 2~6 axis option stated below. The Pitch of the arm on the wheelchair/Tricycle measuring table can be changed to suit multiple wheelbases. By selecting the autorotation motor option, the wheels can be rotated at a set rotation speed (only the back wheels). Also, a loading device can be added for training.


Model Wheelchair/Tricycle measuring table
Load Capacity 120kg
Measurement Resolution ※1 0.1g
Maximum Measure Value(Flow Direction) 120kgf
Weight 250kg
Autorotation motor speed (Wheel rotation speed)  ※2 55km/h
Maximum load (loading device) ※2 2000W

※1 Theoretical value of the sensor
※2 Optional extra (for more detaily references : https://japanfudo.com/en/product/option_table.html)
Aero Optim is a registered trademark of Japan Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Inc. Specification are subject to change without notice.

Usage Examples

車いす用測定台使用例_1 The product in this photo is Wheelchair/Tricycle measuring table with the autorotation motor option and loading device option added on the rear tire. These options can be added to the front wheel. The Pitch of the arm on the Wheelchair/Tricycle measuring table can be changed to suit multiple wheelbases.