Retractable Tower

Our Retractable Tower is an automated system that retracts when the wind is dangerously high and automatically returns to the upright position when the wind calms down. The system can be used on high wind sites e.g. high buildings, mountainous areas, remote islands or at sea. It would ensure high safety during 24 hours all around the year unmanned. Also, the system can be remotely controlled and monitored online. The retracting wind speed can be changed from the default settings (Average wind speed 20m/s or instantaneous wind speed 25m/s).

※The price above doesn't include the price of the wind turbine, battery system, postage, and construction costs. Please contact us for more information and Quotations.


Wind Turbine Sizes Up to 5kW
Power Source Supplied from the battery system (No power supply needed)
Communication System 3G, LTE, or Wifi
Tower Height Default 4m (Can be changed from 3~6m)
Installation By crane

Specification are subject to change without notice.

Introduction Video

Usage Examples

Aero Optim-B使用例_1 This photo shows our Tandem Rotor Wind Turbine (1kW) installed on our Retractable Tower System. The system is installed on the rooftop of a building (Hara School of Nursing, Fukuoka, Japan). *The Retractable Tower System in the photo is the previous model. Please refer to the introduction video for the newest model. Aero Optim-B使用例_2 Using the Retractable Tower System, maintenance of the wind turbine is very easy. This is the newest model of our Retractable Tower System at our wind turbine test field in Fukuoka headquarters (Fukuoka, Japan). The Retractable Tower System has a built-on anemometer.