Wind Tunnel Maintenance & Repair Service

At Japan Wind Tunnel Manufacturing, we maintain and repair all types of wind tunnels, regardless of the manufacturer. Also, we can update or upgrade equipment out of date. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your wind tunnel.

Honeycomb and Mesh Cleaning

The most important part of a wind tunnel is the flow straighteners (usually honeycomb and mesh screens). These flow straighteners get clogged up by dust, insects, debris, and leaves from plants in the past years. These obstacles cause a decrease in wind speed, stability, and uniformity of airflow. By cleaning the flow straighteners in a specialized way, the airflow quality can be restored.

Honeycomb and Mesh Repair

Flow straighteners in wind tunnels (usually honeycomb and mesh screens) deteriorate over time. Also, flow straighteners can be damaged by accidents in the wind tunnels. Dents, tears, deformation in the flow straighteners cause a decrease in wind speed, stability, and uniformity of airflow. Especially flow straighteners made of plastic (vinyl chloride etc.) or paper (cardboard etc.) deteriorate in a short time. We can repair these deteriorations by patching new materials or partially cutting and swapping blocks. When the deterioration is critical, we can redesign and remake the flow straighteners.

Fan Update

The fan is the only moving part in a wind tunnel that needs regular maintenance and updating. We can maintenance fans by changing expendable parts (bearings, brushes, bushes, and belts), cleaning, and oiling moving parts. Also, we can update old fans to more efficient new fans. Especially the performance (maximum wind speed) of wind tunnels with old fans can be significantly improved by updating the fan blades.

Measurement Equipment Calibration and Update

Measurement equipment in wind tunnels can become inaccurate due to deterioration over time, or damaged by accidents. We can calibrate and repair all types of measurement devices used in wind tunnels. Also, we can update old measurement equipment to the latest models.