Options for Flow Quality


Aero Optim Series Additional Flow Straighteners

Flow straighteners (One layer of 80mm thick Aluminum honeycomb panel and one layer of stainless-steel mesh in a frame) can be added to Aero Optim series wind tunnels. By adding flow straighteners to the wind tunnel, stability and uniformity of airflow can be improved. Although, the maximum wind speed would decrease due to pressure loss from the additional flow straighteners. Please contact us for the numerical values of the drop in maximum wind speed.


Aero Optim Series Contraction Sections

Contraction sections can be added to Aero Optim series wind tunnels. The standard sizes are 1000mm×1000mm, 600mm×600mm, 400mm×400mm, and we can also make custom made size contraction sections. By adding Contraction sections to the wind tunnel, the airflow is compressed, and the wind speed increases. At the same time, the stability and uniformity of airflow improve as a side effect of flow compression. Contraction sections are made of GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic).
1000×1000 mm  $15,500-

600×600 mm  $17,500-

400×400 mm  $18,050-


Aero Optimシリーズ共通 Wind Shielder

Wind shielder (Louvers to lead airflow upwards) can be added to the downwind side of Aero Optim series wind tunnels. By adding a Wind shielder to the wind tunnel, it prevents the airflow from disturbing the downwind side of the wind tunnel. It is convenient if you have areas in the same room that cannot be disturbed by strong winds from the wind tunnel. Also, the Wind shielder can improve the efficiency of air circulation, leading to an increase in maximum wind speed. This product is recommended for use in shops and training gyms.

Usage Examples

遮風板使用例_1 This image shows how the Wind shielder is used.