Aero Optim-X Fan Unit (Academic Model)

This is the Fan unit of Aero Optim-X wind tunnel set for customers without the need for a measurement table. The maximum wind speed is 18m/s(64.8km/h).


Model Aero Optim-X Fan unit
Wind Speed 1~18m/s (3.6~64.8km/h)
wind Speed Distribution ±2%
Turbulence Intensity Under 1%
Sound Level Under 100dB
Air outlet size(W×H,mm) 1345 × 2020
Fan 60kW(10kW BLDC motor×6)
600mm axial fan×6
Size(L x W x H, mm) 1660 × 1830 × 2300
Weight ※1 1200kg
Power Supply ※2 AC100V 20A (can be changed to 115V, 220V, 230V)
Battery ※2 Lead-acid battery

※1 Weight without battery
※2 Battery can be changed to DC power supply if you have enough power source (60kW)
Aero Optim is a registered trademark of Japan Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Inc. Specification are subject to change without notice.

Usage Examples

Example photos for Aero Optim-X Fan unit are in preparation.