Aero Optim-X (Academic Model)

Aero Optim-X is the top model of the Aero Optim wind tunnel series. It has the highest top wind speed as well as the highest level of stability and uniformity in airflow. It can be used in academic level wind tunnel tests. The Maximum wind speed is 18m/s (64.8km/h). It comes with a multipurpose measuring table. The measuring table can be changed to Bicycle measuring table ($4,400 extra) or Wheelchair/Tricycle measuring table ($14,800 extra). Aero Optim series wind tunnel is battery powered (can be changed to direct power input). The battery can be charged in less than 12 hours and can be used for 1~3 hours (Available time depends on the wind speed).


Model Aero Optim-X
Wind Speed 1~18m/s (3.6~64.8km/h)
Wind Speed Distribution ±2%
Turbulence Intensity Under 1%
Sound Level Under 100dB
Air Outlet Size(W×H,mm) 1345 × 2020
Measuring Table Size(L×W,mm) 1950 × 1910
Fan 60kW(10kW BLDC motor×6)
600mm axial fan×6
Extend Dimension(L x W x H, mm) 4320×1830×2300
Retract Dimension(L x W x H, mm) 2250×1830×2300
Measuring Functions Measurement of wind resistance (1 axis)
Measurement of wind speed
HD720p video from 3 direction
Data export (CSV)
Data Filtering Functions MCS (Movement Correction System)
Measuring Software Aero Scholar
Anemometer Pitot tube
Weight ※1 1950kg
Power Supply ※2 AC100V 20A (can be changed to 115V, 220V, 230V)
Battery ※2 Lead-acid battery

※1 Weight without battery
※2 Battery can be changed to DC power supply if you have enough power source (60kW)
Aero Optim is a registered trademark of Japan Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Inc. Specification are subject to change without notice.

Usage Example

Example photos for Aero Optim-X are in preparation.