Aero Optim-S Fan unit (Research and Development model)

This is the Fan unit of Aero Optim-S wind tunnel set for customers without the need for a measurement table. The maximum wind speed is 15m/s(54km/h).


Model Aero Optim-S Fan unit
Wind Speed 1~15m/s (3.6~54km/h)
wind Speed Distribution ±5%
Turbulence Intensity Under 2%
Sound Level Under 95dB
Air outlet size(W×H,mm) 1345 × 2020
Fan 30kW(5kW BLDC motor×6)
600mm axial fan×6
Size(L x W x H, mm) 960 × 1830 × 2300
Weight ※1 850kg
Power Supply ※2 AC100V 20A (can be changed to 115V, 220V, 230V)
Battery ※2 Lead-acid battery

※1 Weight without battery
※2 Battery can be changed to DC power supply if you have enough power source (30kW)
Aero Optim is a registered trademark of Japan Wind Tunnel Manufacturing Inc. Specification are subject to change without notice.

Usage Examples

AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_1 The fan unit is 960mm in length. It has casters for moving the machine around, and jacks to stop the fan unit from moving. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_2 The fan unit can be used for airflow visualization, wind-resistant test and so on. The smoke machine used in the photo is our product JFI-SM03. Also, we have a Wind resistance test device specifically designed for wind‐resistant tests. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_3 The fan unit can be used in the design and adjustment of aero parts on automobiles. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_4 You can connect multiple fan units to create a larger flow area for automobiles and larger objects. It is possible to put fan units on top of each other. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_5 AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_6 This photo shows an airflow visualization test on a motorcycle using our fan unit. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_7 This photo shows an attitude control test on a drone under high wind. Aero Optim is an open type wind tunnel, making it easy and safe to test flying objects AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_8 Aero Optim uses six fans to create airflow. These fans can be independently controlled using special software (Please contact us for software information). It is possible to create pulsatile flow, turbulence, airflow with speed difference, etc. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_9 AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_10 This photo shows a wind tunnel test on a small wind turbine. AeroOptim-S送風ユニット使用例_11 The wind tunnel comes with fan guards that are fine enough to keep fingers and debris away from the fan blades.